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What is a Cooperative Theater?

The A.C.T. is a tuition-based program that relies on the support of parent volunteers in order to create a show. This provides an increasingly rare opportunity for you to be directly involved in your child's activities and interests. The cast and their families become a community working together to create a fantastic production that everyone is proud of.


 How Does The A.C.T. Work?

When registration opens, parents have the opportunity to sign up for their choice of committees by filling out the parent volunteer form. To ensure that each family contributes equally to the show, we have divided the committees into two groups. Families are asked to choose between ONE Level A Committee or TWO Level B CommitteesIn addition, each family will be scheduled to work the front of the house (Ushering, Concession, or CandyGrams) for one show. 



 See committee descriptions for more detailed information.



Level A

Level B

Front of House Chair

Audition Assistant

Painting Chair

BioBoards Chair

Parent Volunteer Coordinator

BioBoards & Publicity Team

Props Chair

Costume Assistant

Props Team


Publicity Chair

Painting Crew

Set Construction Chair


Ticket Chair

Playbill Design

Set Breakdown

Set Construction

Set Load-in

Stage Crew





  • See committee descriptions for a detailed description of all available committees.  Please Note:  Committee Descriptions have been updated as of January 2023. Please be sure to understand your commitment fully.
  • Committees are filled on a first come, first served basis.  Committee requests open when the Welcome Packet is emailed We will do our best to honor requests but ultimately committees will be filled based on production needs as outlined in our committee descriptions.  
  • Be advised that if you are unable to fulfill your volunteer commitment you will be assigned to another committee or be asked to pay the $200 difference between the co-op and non-co-op tuition.
  • Please give multiple options that will fulfill your parent volunteer commitment.  This allows flexibility if some of your first-choice committees have been filled.
  • Families that have more than one child in the cast may be required to take on additional responsibilities if necessary.
  • A family can opt-out of the Coop requirement by paying the non-cooperative tuition rate per child.
  • Families will have until the first day of auditions to make their choices. After that time, all tuition choices and payments are final. No exceptions!

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