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Bio Boards

Every cast member has a bio and cast photo on display on the bio board in the lobby before a show.

Bios cannot be longer than 100 words & should be written in third person.


We reserve the right to edit bios for length and formatting purposes.  


What you might want to include in your bio:

Name (as you would like it to appear in the program)


Previous shows and training


Thank you’s or Dedications


Here is a sample to give you ideas….


JANE DOE (Current Character name/role) - The A.C.T.: Bye, Bye Birdie (Fan Girl), Grease (Jan), Beauty and the Beast (Plate) OTHER: The Sound of Music (Gretel), Charlotte’s Web (Wilbur). His/Her training includes seven years dance with Ms. Jeannette's Dance School and three years of voice with Bob Marks. In his/her free time she enjoys swimming and soccer. Jane dedicates this show to Grandpa and thanks her parents for love and support.

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