Grades K-5

 Music by: Stephen Flaherty     Lyrics by: Lynn Ahrens     

Book by: Lynn Ahrens & Stephen Flaherty


Co-Conceived by Lynn Ahrens, Stephen Flaherty & Eric Idle


Based on the works of Dr. Seuss


Music Supervised, Adapted and Produced by Bryan Louiselle

Saturday, February 2, 2019 at 9:00am

Friday, April 12th at 7:00pm
Saturday, April 13th at 12:00pm

Thursdays: 4:30-7:00
(Feb 7-April 4)
Fridays: 4:30-7:00
(Feb 8-March 8)

(No rehearsals on Feb. 21st or 22nd during February break)

* All times and dates are tentative and subject to change
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Times & Dates*
Acton Congregational Church
Saturday, February 2, 2019
(Check-in starts at 8:30am)
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Parent Meeting:
Acton Congregational Church
Friday, February 1, 2019
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Acton Congregational Church
Thursdays: February 7th - April 4th
Fridays: February 8th - March 8th
(No rehearsals on Feb. 21st or 22nd during February break)

 Tech/Dress Rehearsals:
R.J. Grey Jr. High School
Monday, April 8: 4:30-7:30pm
Tuesday, April 9: 5:00-8:00pm
Wednesday, April 10: 5:00-8:00pm
Thursday, April 11: 5:00-8:00pm 
Attendance at all tech and dress rehearsals is mandatory

R.J. Grey Jr. High School
Friday, April 12: 7:00pm
Saturday, April 13: 12:00pm
Attendance at all performances is mandatory 

*All times and dates are subject to change

Call Times:
Rehearsals will be broken down into call times. This means that your child will be required to attend only when their character is called- which may be anytime during a scheduled rehearsal.  Each week an email will go out letting cast members know what time and day they will need to attend. Cast members may not be dropped off early.

As a young Boy stumbles upon alone red-and-white-striped hat, its curious owner, the Cat in the Hat introduces the boy to the wondrous world of Seuss ("Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!"). The Cat begins with the story of Horton the elephant who lives in the Jungle of Nool with Jungle Citizens, the Bird Girls, and several other unique creatures. 


One day, Horton is enjoying his bath when he hears a voice on a speck of dust asking for help ("Horton Hears A Who"). Horton delicately places the speck onto a clover just as Sour Kangaroo and Young Kangaroo bounce along. They inform Horton that there couldn't possibly be a person on that speck ("Biggest Blame Fool"). The Wickersham Brothers join in teasing. 


The Cat takes on the role of a talk show host and interviews two neighbor birds named Gertrude McFuzz and Mayzie La Bird about Horton hearing things that don't exist. As the naysayers leave, Gertrude stays behind to marvel at the uniqueness of Horton ("Biggest Blame Fool Playoff/Gertrude McFuzz"). The cries of help return and this time, Mr. Mayor and Mrs. Mayor reveal themselves to Horton as citizens of a tiny place called Whoville along with the rest of the Whos. Mr. Mayor and Mrs. Mayor share the joys and difficulties of ("How To Raise A Child"). At this point, the boy from the beginning becomes Jojo, their son, and is blamed for the Cat's mischief. JoJo tries to take his bath, but the Cat isn't done ("Oh, The Thinks You Can Think! - Reprise"). The Cat and JoJo are swept underwater with Fish all around! The tub overflows and Mr. and Mrs. Mayor blame JoJo, but JoJo knows deep down that anything is possible ("It's Possible - Part 1"). Meanwhile, Horton continues to guard the clover despite the other animals' judgments ("It's Possible - Part 2"). Horton and JoJo bond in their imaginations. 


The Cat wakes JoJo from his dream to tell him more stories, including ("The One Feather Tail Of Gertrude McFuzz"). Gertrude wanted a more extravagant appearance, so she traveled to the doctor for help ("Amayzing Mayzie"). Gertrude begins to take pills and her one-feather tail grows ("Amayzing Gertrude - Part 1"), but Gertrude can't stop there! She takes more pills, and her tail grows longer and longer ("Amayzing Gertrude - Part 2"). As Gertrude leaves, the Wickersham Brothers steal the clover away ("Monkey Around"). Horton chases them through great stretches of jungles, beaches, and sand, but the monkeys hand over the clover to Vlad Vladikoff, a black-bottomed eagle who drops the Whos into a field of clovers. Horton searches frantically for the Whos as Gertrude reappears with a new fortified tail ("Chasing The Whos"). Gertrude tries desperately to get Horton's attention, but Horton is focused on his search for the clover ("Notice Me, Horton"). 


Mayzie reappears and asks Horton if he would consider sitting on the egg in her nest. Horton agrees ("Mayzie's Exit/Horton Sits On The Egg/Dilemma/ Hunters"). As Hunters approach, Horton, the tree, and the nest fly away ("Egg, Nest, And Tree") and eventually land at Seussby's Auction. Much to his surprise and dismay, Horton is sold to the Circus McGurkus Back in Palm Beach, Mayzie ("Sold/Mayzie In Palm Beach") is feeling carefree... so much so that she's bored! Mayzie heads to the Circus McGurkus where the Cat is the circus ring leader, and Horton is locked up ("Mayzie At The Circus"). Horton pleads with Mayzie to take her egg back, but Mayzie relinquishes all responsibility ("Amayzing Horton"). Horton tells the egg that he'll keep protecting it ("Alone In The Universe- Reprise 1"). He sings the egg a lullaby about the faraway land of ("Solla Sollew") where he imagines JoJo, his family, and all of the Whos. 


Just in the nick of time, Gertrude McFuzz frees Horton ("Gertrude/ Espionage - Part 2"). Gertrude reveals to Horton everything she's gone through to bring the clover back to him, including having her large tail plucked (All For You). Just as Horton is reunited with the Whos, all the previous creatures take Horton to court for "talking with a speck, disturbing the peace, and loitering... on an egg" ("The Whos Return/The People Versus Horton The Elephant"). Judge Yertle remands Horton to the Nool Asylum and decides that the dust speck be boiled in a kettle of Beezlenut oil. JoJo finally exclaims ("Yopp!"), and the Whos are saved! JoJo is honored as "Thinker Nonstop," and the egg hatches into an Elephant Bird. Gertrude explains to the new creature that Horton can teach him about the earth and she'll teach him about the sky ("Alone In The Universe - Reprise 2"). As the adventures come to an end ("Oh, The Thinks You Can Think! - Finale"), JoJo reappears with the Cat's hat and pulls it over his eyes, ending this story with one last reprise ("Green Eggs And Ham - Bows").

Character Breakdown:

Jojo/Boy: A "Thinker." He's a smart child with a wild imagination. JoJo can be played as being a little bit awkward, a little bit of a loner, or simply a rambunctious kid whose "Thinks" get him into constant trouble. By the end of the show, he learns what it means to be a responsible member of his community, using the power and possibilities of his own "Thinks." 


The Cat in the Hat:  The essence of mischief, fun, and imagination. The Cat stirs things up and causes trouble but always sets things right again. He helps JoJo discover the power of his own imagination as they create the story of Seussical JR. together. 


Horton the Elephant:  A gentle giant. Think of Horton as a big-hearted, blue-collar guy who is steadfast, responsible, and always tries to do the right thing. He is sympathetic and receptive to the world around him. He believes in the inherent goodness of the world, so it's no surprise that he always looks for the good in others. Horton goes on quite a journey throughout the show but stays true to himself, even when the going gets tough. 


Mr. Mayor & Mrs. Mayor: They are parents who trying hard to raise a child with a big imagination. These Whos may get aggravated with JoJo, but they love him dearly. They try their best to make the right choices as parents, even if JoJo doesn't always understand them. They are also upstanding members of their community. 


Gertrude McFuzz:  Very self-conscious about her one-feather tail. Gertrude gains confidence throughout the show, changing from an anxious, nervous, shy bird into someone whose self-worth doesn't rest on her appearance. In other words, Gertrude realizes what's truly important in her life. 


Mayzie La Bird:  Self-centered, vain, and manipulative. She ultimately means no harm, but she's immature and makes selfish decisions. In giving up her egg to Horton once and for all, she has a moment of self- awareness - she realizes she isn't the kind of bird who would be a good parent, and she does the best thing she can for the egg. 


Wickersham Brothers:  Wickersham 1, Wickersham 2, and Wickersham 3, are not bad guys! They tease, play pranks, and get a kick out of making mischief, although often at another's expense. 


Bird Girls: Bird Girl 1, Bird Girl 2, and Bird Girl 3, are a fabulous group of birds who know everything there is to know about the goings on in the jungle and support Mayzie throughout the show. 


Sour Kangaroo:  Loud, brassy, and a lot of fun. She's got a lot of attitude but isn't mean - she's just very confident and unafraid to tell it like it is. 


Young Kangaroo:  Sour Kangaroo's feisty daughter. She may be pint- sized, but she's got a big personality and is following in her mother's footsteps. 


Judge Yertle the Turtle:  The authoritative judge who presides over Horton's trial at the end of the show. 


Vlad Vladikoff:  The black-bottomed eagle who flies off with the Whos. Vlad is onstage very briefly but can make a big impression in a short amount of time.


The Grinch: Arguably the most famous Seuss character of all! He has a brief, fun cameo in Seussical JR. 


The Whos:  The Whos (including First Who Family, Second Who Family, Third Who Family, Fourth Who Family, and Fifth Who Family) are the citizens of Whoville and they look a lot like you and me, only so small they are invisible to the naked eye. They are a tight-knit, supportive community. 


Ensemble:  The Jungle Citizens, Hunters, Circus Animals, Fish, Nurses, Courtroom Attendants, additional Wickersham Brothers and Bird Girls all help fill out the world Seussical JR.